Six reasons community mobilizers should be in the SDGs

Community mobilization is pretty fashionable these days, but apparently not fashionable enough to register among the 17 goals and 169 targets of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. One reason might be the cost. A 2012 study by Gordon McCord and colleagues estimated the costs of deploying 1.1 million community health workers (CHWs) in Sub-Saharan … More Six reasons community mobilizers should be in the SDGs

SDGs at Population Association of America

Rob Cohen and I organized two awesome sessions on the SDGs at the Population Association of America meetings in Chicago. The first session explored progress towards measurement and impact on well-measured goals, namely health,family and education. Three of these papers were at the sub-national scale, and one by Nick Graetz of IHME spatially resolved sub-national variations … More SDGs at Population Association of America

People power: the missing piece in UN Sustainable Development Goals

This piece in The Conversation makes the basic case for Goal 18. But really it’s even simpler than that. 1) Rio + 20 said that popular inclusion was central to development 2) We have the technologies and the will to include people 3) We will not succeed without popular inclusion 4) The SDGs left them out. We need Goal 18.

Critical reflection

Our resident anthropologist Brittany Franck offers a thoughtful reflection on what is missing in Goal 18 from a rights and ethics perspective.  Goal 18 is an ideal opportunity to ensure that the SDGs, despite their flaws, can at least contain one goal that explicitly demands tangible steps towards inclusive and sustainable development. Goal 18 honors the … More Critical reflection

Goal 18 Is Here

It’s time: Because we need a Post-2015 agenda that is truly sustainable. Because communities should be agents of their own development. Because these were supposed to be more comprehensive and inclusive goals. Because world leaders should honor the spirit and commitment of Rio+20 for truly sustainable development goals. We need Goal 18. Join us.